Presidents Report 20/05/07

We had many different rockets this launch which made for a very interesting day, the 400foot ceiling did not seem to restrict the smiles. I saw many good flights and a few not so good ones. Lachlan had a coulple of new rockets in his quiver, flying a (Dr. Zooch?) Space Shuttle, a flop-wing glider and his R-7 and also celebrated his 6th birthday with a nice rocket cake. Mmmmmm.~RR~ launched his new rotor recovery rocket for jaw dropping flight. Kopius flew his toblerone successfully and flew a blue ninja from ~RR~s brand spanking new launch rail setup (You will have to post photos, it is mind-blowing!!). Member flew a particulary spectacular lawn dart, which deployed perfectly a split second after augering in. Luckily his altimeter was unharmed. Very Happy Rocketman introduced water rockets to the field for the first time, flying many times over. Keep your eye on this space folks, we will be seeing more of these water launches in the, FUN, safe, a perfect educational tool. He also flew his Airshow a couple of times. I love that rocket, I will have to get one! Rocketboy and Tarp launched Tarpazium on single stage for a good flight.

My CLSTRFK lived up to its name with a bad flight (One partial nozzle failure buring burn, followed by a shockcord failure) but no damage. My Micro V2 flew a couple of times, requiring repairs for its second flight and Sparrows-Fart boost glider pulled some good low flights on small motors.

Flew my first 2lt water rocket too, with mixed but hilarious results. There were many more flights, but I am buggered and cant think of any more right now.
Thanx every one of you guys who helped collect data, set up, pack up ect. That is what a club is all about..

QRS Flyer

Keep an eye out for the QRS Flyers getting around the hobby shops. If your local hobby shop sells rockets or anything relating to rockets (motors/parts/space things etc.) and doesnt have flyers, let us know. We can either talk directly to them or send you the high quality image to print out. (Actual flyer is A6)

QRS Flyer