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Bribie Island High School Visit

A model of the various parts of the space shuttle was also shown and explained. This was followed by demonstrations of water powered, air powered and chemical powered rockets.

Bribie Island High School                    Bribie Island High School

It was great to see how keen the students were about our demonstration as many in depth questions were asked by them.

The behaviour of the students was a credit to their school and teachers.

Bribie Island High School

Hobby One Display 13 Oct 2007

Original Article 15/09/2007

"Queensland Rocketry Society is holding a display of "Rocketry Open Day" on Sat. 13 October 07 at HOBBY ONE, Creek rd, Mt.Gravatt East, from 12.30pm till 3pm.

Come and meet some of the rocketeers and get up close with rockets that can fly over 5km high. Have your questions answered and learn how easy it really is to get into rocketry. Keep an eye out for Hypertec Hybrid System and HyperLOC 1600 which are more than impressive.

Hobby One are generouolsy giving away a launch kit which will be raffled on the day between all attendees.*

*Excludes QRS members (sorry but this is to make it fair)"

Presidents Report 09 Sep 2007

Good to see the new guys at this launch...our membership is slowly growing.
mikeibis made a heart stopper of a flight with his Mercury Atlas! Shocked I would hate to see this beautiful vintage rocket damaged (or as Mike put it 'put back into kit form').
Also saw another excellent display of pitch/roll coupling today (I forget which rocket it was though, as long as it wasn't mine!)
Sumos Viper IV rocket with instant ignition of all 4 E9 motors with the gnarliest Wink cluster harness I have ever seen (it worked well though!). Heres a run down!

Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Ari Piiraine Bullpup A8-3
Peter Scott Skylark Sustainer D12-7
Shane Blue Ninja D12-5
Ari Piirainen Canadian Arrow D12-5
Simon Viper IV 4 x E9-6
Mike Groth Mercury Atlas D12-6
L Groth Pipsqueek B6-4
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek B6-4
Simon Alpha D12-7
Simon Big Daddy D12-7
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost D12-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger B6-4
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Peter Scott Wizz-Banger C6-3
Ari Piirainen Stormcaster D12-5
Logan Groth AGM-12D C6-5
Logan Groth Crossfire C6-5
Monique Szmek Pipsqueek C6-5
L Groth Pipsqueek A8-5
Mike Groth Shuttle/Boost C6-3

A special thanx to Brian...I liked the way you handled the LCO position admirably to suit the low-power flights. Simple and effective. And also a thanx to Petar Nikolic and Lochy on the tracking posts...sterling job guys!

All up good wholesome family fun!

2007 Youth Aerospace Forum

On the evening of July 2, Peter Scott and Petar Nikolic made a presentation on behalf of the Qld Rocketry Society to 50 year 11 and 12 students attending the 2007 Qld Youth Aerospace Forum at The University of Queensland.  

The students came from all parts of the state including Townsville, Goondiwindi, Gympie as well as locally. Some also came from Northern NSW. 

A number of different sized rockets were shown. The mechanics of how rockets are fired and recovered was discussed. Many questions were asked by the students showing a keen interest in rocketry. All were invited to come along to one of our meets. Pamphlets with the club’s details were handed out.   

It was suggested that those students who weren’t local, might like to form a chapter of the Qld Rocketry Society in their home towns. Help was offered for those students interested. 

This forum was a great avenue for getting the word out about the enjoyment of rocketry as a hobby. We look forward to next year’s forum.

Presidents Report 01 July 2007

The launch this morning went nicely. The wind died off enough for us to fly which was great, although it did pick up at times causing holds. This was my first trip to the new launch site, and I was blown away by the possibilities.

We should be able to fly into the low H class with no problems by the looks of it once the waiver is through and our permits are issued to handle the larger motors.

Many new rockets were launched for thier maiden flights, and a few new faces showed which was good to see. Again, the 400' ceiling was no obstacle to fun and many good flights followed. Quite naturally, we all ended the day in a big circle talking rockets and having a great time.

Thanx everyone for a great day!

New Launch Site Confirmed

The Queensland Rocketry Society, has just secured a new Launch Site which is only 10min up the road from Launch Site 1 and 150acres of pure flat rocketry goodness. This new area will allow for Mid to High power rockets to be flown with ease.

QRS Flyer

A couple of the guys visited the location to seek permission from the owner who seemed very excited about letting QRS launch from his fields 🙂 We will be starting to use this field straight away and will update the Launch Dates page to show which fields will be used and on what dates. Keep checking to make sure you have the correct field and for information on how to get there. Click for Launch Dates & Gallery

QRS Flyer           QRS Flyer

Homer Hickam Greeting

After speaking over recent times with Linda Hickam, the QRS was fortunate enough to receive a personally signed photo from Homer Hickam himself.

It reads: To the Rocket Girls and Rocket Boys and Rocket Dog of The Queensland Rocketry Society - Keep Aiming High! Homer Hickam

QRS Flyer

Read about Homer and his incredible journey at www.homerhickam.com

Presidents Report 20/05/07

We had many different rockets this launch which made for a very interesting day, the 400foot ceiling did not seem to restrict the smiles. I saw many good flights and a few not so good ones. Lachlan had a coulple of new rockets in his quiver, flying a (Dr. Zooch?) Space Shuttle, a flop-wing glider and his R-7 and also celebrated his 6th birthday with a nice rocket cake. Mmmmmm.~RR~ launched his new rotor recovery rocket for jaw dropping flight. Kopius flew his toblerone successfully and flew a blue ninja from ~RR~s brand spanking new launch rail setup (You will have to post photos, it is mind-blowing!!). Member flew a particulary spectacular lawn dart, which deployed perfectly a split second after augering in. Luckily his altimeter was unharmed. Very Happy Rocketman introduced water rockets to the field for the first time, flying many times over. Keep your eye on this space folks, we will be seeing more of these water launches in the future.....cheap, FUN, safe, a perfect educational tool. He also flew his Airshow a couple of times. I love that rocket, I will have to get one! Rocketboy and Tarp launched Tarpazium on single stage for a good flight.

My CLSTRFK lived up to its name with a bad flight (One partial nozzle failure buring burn, followed by a shockcord failure) but no damage. My Micro V2 flew a couple of times, requiring repairs for its second flight and Sparrows-Fart boost glider pulled some good low flights on small motors.

Flew my first 2lt water rocket too, with mixed but hilarious results. There were many more flights, but I am buggered and cant think of any more right now.
Thanx every one of you guys who helped collect data, set up, pack up ect. That is what a club is all about..