20 June 2010 Launch Report

My stay was even further limited by wife being hospitalized on Friday and after nearly 2 day's finally diagnosed that the appendix has to come out. During this time she was in severe pain with morphine given to her in regular bases. So, while I was at launch with Montana, she was operated on. Thank's guys for all your caring thoughts and she is all ok.

I got to see few great flights before I left and congrats indeed to Damian for his L1 and Alex had a great flight also. 

Nice to see Robert back, welcome mate.  

I had a change to talk to few new people and one is a definite new member. 

As I headed out, earlier than I have ever done before, I looked back from the hill down towards the launch area and even though this was "members only launch" thus not advertised, it was so good to see the amount of cars there. Must have been around 100 people easily.

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